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Mr. Hank Parater

To Whom it May Concern,

Mike Thornett has been my trusted CPA for the last three years. I tried handling my own accounting service for the first 2 years of my company but it was a disaster. Believe me, when Mike took over I had done him no favors. But he got the ship back on course and keeping her steady since! I am a craftsman. I don't have time to worry about accounting stuff, so I leave it to Mike and his team and they always serve me well!

Hank Parater (Jefferson, MD)

Mr. and Mrs. Phil and Mary Burkey

We would like to share our appreciation for the CPA services of Mike Thornett. We recently had difficulty with the IRS regarding our 2015 taxes. He immediately evaluated the situation and recommended a course of action. Without his professional advice, we would not have known how to proceed. He quickly researched our situation and helped us determine what to do. We cannot thank him enough for coming to our rescue. We will certainly be using his tax services in the future.

Mary and Phil Burkey (Mount Airy, MD)

Mrs. Susan Sand

Mike Thornett has been preparing my tax returns for many years, for I was among his first group of clients. I moved out of state some years ago, and our continued communication has been easy, because he is prompt and reliable. When Mike makes an appointment for the time for a phone call or fax, he keeps it exactly.

His advice and tax preparation have been invaluable to me in complex tax situations, and whenever I call him with a question, his information and recommendations are explained clearly and completely. He has also sent me detailed emails in answer to my questions, giving me clear examples and thorough analyses.

I appreciate that Mike simplifies my collecting of tax documents each year by sending a Client Review sheet and Client Survey at the beginning of January, indicating what documents I submitted for the previous tax year and what will be needed for the current tax year, with a request to add comments about anything new or any changes.

My returns are always prepared in a timely manner, and the documents he sends me for my files upon completion of my returns are a very comprehensive record for that tax year.

I am grateful for Mike's expertise and look forward to many more years of his help at tax time!

Susan Sand (Lincoln, NE)