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Small business owners at their store.

Our firm offers book keeping and accounting services for small businesses and will provide monthly financial statements as well as the administration of payroll and the filing of business federal and state tax returns.

A family meets with Mike to talk about their tax needs.

Our firm is available to our clients throughout the year to discuss financial issues as they arise so that the individuals can understand the tax consequences of the financial decisions they make. Forethought and planning make the actual filing of the tax documents a natural event and alleviates all mystery and anxiety.

A couple discusses their unique circumstances at a table.

We have had experience interfacing with the Internal Revenue Service as an advocate for taxpayers who experience unique circumstances and hardships. We have known success in working with the individual and the IRS to arrive at an amicable solution which is acceptable to all parties involved.

An elderly couple reading a map.

Besides individual taxation we are experienced in filing: